100K Factory Revolution: Review Released Examines Controversial 7-Step eCommerce System

Published on March 8, 2017 10:18 AM

(SI Newswire) 100K Factory Revolution, the newest program created and released by internet marketing and eCommerce experts Aidan Booth and Steven Clayton that is designed to teach folks how to build simple websites that selling physical products has caught the attention of Ryan and Daniel, prompting an investigative review.

“It’s no secret that selling physical products is incredibly popular right now with a lot of growth potential with sites like Amazon, Jet and even simple eCommerce stores that use web builders like Shopify. Taking advantage of this trend has become a lot easier for normal folks and entrepreneurs by leveraging proven tools and processes based on real world experience” reports Daniels. “After over a decade of educating students and customers, Aidan and Steve are two of the most well-respected and experienced experts in their field. Add that to the fact that the methods that they teach in this brand new 100K Factory Revolution program have already been proven through not only their own successes but with the success of their students.”

The 100K Factory Revolution program is built on 8 specific pillars.

The first pillar is the 100K Blueprint, which is comprised of the full training program. This includes the step-by-step blueprint to implementing the eCommerce training, which allows folks to build and scale this business.

The second pillar is the 100K Command Center. The command center is what powers the business. It includes all the critical tools in one convenient place for every student to access.

The third pillar is the 100K Ignition Packs. Steve and Aidan have created something that will shorten the learning curve massively for those who join the program. Inside these ignition packs, folks will get access to 1,000 fully researched markets and products.

The fourth pillar is the 100K Accelerators. This pillar is a suite of customer acquisition tools that will enable folks to drive targeted traffic, convert traffic into leads and turn those leads into sales.

The fifth pillar is 100K Vulcan. Vulcan is the star of the 100K Factory program and it acts like a data crunching ‘super computer’ analyzing, optimizing and adjusting Facebook ads based on all the data points it has access to.

The sixth pillar is 100K Operations Hub. The operations hub is a personalized operations center in North Carolina designed to simplify the business and increase profits.

The seventh pillar is the 100K Alliance. The alliance is a members only community only for those in the 100K Factory Revolution program. This is going to be the spot where folks help each other with ‘live’ advice.

The eight pillar is 100K Coaching. The coaching includes personal support, coaching and technical help from Steve, Aidan, and the 100K Factory team. This is one of the largest benefits of joining the program and will be a huge key to the success of the 2017 student base.

Aidan and Steve have also decided to toss in some extra bonuses. Learn more about the 100K Factory Revolution program and the bonuses being offered by Aidan and Steve here.

“Steve and Aidan have created one of the most in-depth, comprehensive, easy-to-follow guides that teaches others how to re-create the same success they’ve and the previous students have had", says Daniels.

Aidan and Steve are starting the class soon and because of this, they have set a deadline of March 9th at Midnight as the absolute last chance to join the program.

Those wishing to join the 100K Factory Revolution program or for more information, click here.

To access the Ryan & Daniel official 10-part 100K Factory Revolution bonus, visit the official bonus site.