12 Week Mastery Review: Ultimate Productivity and Achievement Program by Brian P. Moran Examined

Published on September 14, 2016 11:06 AM

(SI Newswire) 12 Week Mastery by Brian Moran contains some of the most powerful and effective methods for boosting productivity and achieving goals that helps people achieve more in 12 weeks than they normally do within 12 months. John Brown reveals in this report important details about this recently released training program for those seeking to accomplish more in their personal lives or careers.

Brian P. Moran is the author of the New York Times bestseller, The 12 Week Year, a book that has helped millions of people discover a better method for accomplishing more in their personal and professional lives.

To give individuals even more resources and empowerment for achieving what they want in life, Brian P. Moran and his team recently released 12 Week Mastery, the ultimate productivity and achievement program that is designed to help achieve more than they are accomplishing or experiencing right now, personally, professionally, financially, physically, or spiritually. 12 Week Mastery is designed to be a life transformational event that helps members develop a compelling vision and refine their goals in a way that creates a clear path for achievement.

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According to John Brown, “The 12 Week Mastery program is unlike any other goal-setting or achievement program that has ever been released before. The only one that comes close is the 90 Day Year, however, that's not available to the public. The value of Brian P. Moran’s personal knowledge, expertise, and insight in this arena alone is invaluable, but all of the other added components that are offered with this training program make a sure-fire way for practically anyone to achieve whatever goals they have, as long as they are willing to dedicate the time and effort to doing so following the steps and methods in this program.”

The 12 Week Mastery achievement program offers 9 different components to guide members through every necessary step of defining, refining, and working toward their goals. As part of the first component, Moran provides a four-part jumpstart video training series to help members understand the philosophies and strategies behind The 12 Week Year system and craft their first action plan.

Second, members are sent daily emails and short videos throughout the entire 12 weeks of the program—a total of 86. Perhaps the most valuable component of the program is the live webinar trainings by Brian Moran—a resource that corporate clients pay tens of thousands of dollars for.

These live webinars also include a Q&A and are recorded and can be accessed inside the exclusive members area. Each member also receives two tickets to a live event in West Palm Beach, FL that is designed to help ensure that their next calendar year is the most productive yet. They will also be entered into the 12 Week Mastery Achievement Challenge that offers them a chance of winning a cash prize and getting featured in Brian P. Moran’s follow-up book for their transformation success.

Additionally, members receive an execution toolkit, access to a membership community, a physical copy of the 12 Week Year book, and bonus trainings titles “Unleash Your Inner Warrior” and “Cracking the Adversity Code.”

Brown further reports, “12 Week Mastery is the only achievement program that will give you the proven methods and tactics developed by Brian Moran as well as teach you how to take control of your time and productivity, lower your stress levels, increase your profitability, defeat procrastination and fear, balance priorities, and overall, reach the unique potential each individual has in their life. It doesn’t matter where people are starting, what challenges they have already had, or where exactly they want to go with their goals—this program gives them all the help, resources, and motivation they need to do it. Hands down, this new program is one of those rare opportunities people simply can’t pass up if they want to live life at a higher level than they are right now.”

Brian Moran has already helped thousands of people transform their lives by using his proven methods and strategies for goal achievement and productivity. He is so confident that this program has the power to change lives for the better that he offers a complete money-back guarantee for anyone who invests in the program.