Knowledge Broker Blueprint Live Training Review

Published on February 19, 2020 7:00 AM
  • Program Name: Knowledge Broker Blueprint
  • Created By: Tony Robbins & Dean Graziosi
  • Price: $1,997 with Payment Plan Available
  • Verdict: 100% Worth It.
  • Official Site >>> KBB Live Webinar Training Registration
  • Enroll Period >>> Cart Opens 28th of February – March 9th

(SI Newswire) From the technological explosion we had in the last decade it’s not hard to believe, there is a large number of people creating real income from selling their knowledge online and offline. In fact anyone who is an expert on any field can turn around and sell their know-how capabilities to people interested. The internet has made it a reality to make inspiring careers out of teaching others what we know. With the multiple media to develop, from online courses, blogs, books, podcast and material to create, there is no shortage of opportunity, when you have the right blueprint and can focus on getting information out.

A great example of this trend are health and fitness authorities, who over the last decade have emerged in popularity and generated life changing incomes from sharing their knowledge about health and staying fit. Or successful podcasters, and YouTubers who have captivated audiences and created a real profession from their influence. These are just a few examples of new ways and career paths that have started because of the internet.

Let’s face it, conventional education as we know it now days, its broken. Broken in the sense that going to school for a degree does not longer guarantee a job in the future, now days we have to get creative and continue learning to stay up to date with the new and evolving world we live in.

If you want to dabble int the knowledge business and learn how to turn what you know into a career, you ought to learn from the best.

This is where Tony Robbins and Dean Graziosi come in. They have 60 years worth of successes (and failures), and they've impacted millions of lives around the world -- helping everyday people to reach their next level of success and fulfillment.

And now they’re revealing the same gold-standard process they've used throughout their entire careers to accelerate your path to success... while taking as much risk as possible out of the equation.

Join Tony and Dean’s LIVE online training on February 27th.

Find below a FREE invitation to this Live transformational event, taking place online as a free webinar, February 27th @ 5PM PST time.

This event is a must attend!

There is no doubt Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russell Brunson will be sharing some powerful insights and tips of their 60 years of combined experience in the knowledge business. These two are not your typical Instagram “gurus” who got together to create and deliver a program. In fact Tony and Dean have a net worth of more than $550 million combined, their tips and expertise could be invaluable for your business and aspiring endeavors.

It’s only the second time Tony, Dean & Russell have ever done a LIVE training like this (and the only time they will in 2020), the first time they did it, over 200,000 people showed up...

It’s almost as if they condensed 60 YEARS of wisdom and proven strategies into one single training...

Here’s just a glimpse of what they will share on this FREE training:

1. The fastest way to impact many lives in a positive way, all while serving the right people to make an impact and enjoy work every day!

2. Three time-tested strategies to succeed in the booming knowledge industry (that will triple in size by 2025), even without ever hearing of this industry before or knowing where to start (they teach it all!)

3. How right now, there are already 24,252 people from over 150 countries in 4,000 different niches using this exact blueprint to help solve a big problem in the world while simultaneously creating next level success from it.

There will be a lot of great knowledge and tactics shared on that day, from two people who have made lasting profitable careers from teaching others how to succeed.

If you are at all interested in these topics and want to learn how to kick start a career in the knowledge industry, there is no better time than now.

About Knowledge Broker Blueprint (KBB)

Knowledge broker Blueprint is a new program created by Tony Robbins, Dean Graziosi and Russel Brunson, the content inside the course is a complete blueprint on how to profit from creating mastermind groups and package quality information for people searching for it.

The course has been described as “incredible” by the many entrepreneurs who have gone through it because it not only gives a blueprint to succeed in the knowledge business but also helps reach deep into defining one skill and executing a plan of action to make it happen.

Knowledge Broker Blueprint is actually the 2.0 version of the original Knowledge Business Blueprint that came out in 2019. Last year Tony and Dean did a similar webinar for the first time, where more than 250,000 people attended the live training. After the program was launch and people had a chance to go thought it over the year, it has generated multiple testimonials and success stories from many who implemented the content.

The KBB method specially focuses on the power of mastermind. The backbone of Knowledge Business Blueprint is a complete course that teaches everything one needs to create a successful mastermind. Keep in mind that to lead a true successful mastermind you have to come off as a credible expert in the field of your choice. (which Tony also builds on inside the course)

Tony Robbins has made a name for himself from hosting transformational events and leading mastermind groups that produced desirable results.

In a nutshell a mastermind is a group of like-minded individuals who come together to share knowledge and solve their problems.

The truth about the times we are living in today, is that Self-education is the new norm. If people really want to succeed in their careers is not enough to just go to college, sadly a lot of the content taught in college classroom is outdated. Which is why, most people truly looking to succeed are joining groups and networking in their desire fields.

The term mastermind has long been used when talking about building success. According to famous author and self-improvement master, Napoleon Hill, a mastermind group is a key aspect of becoming successful, in fact most successful people in history had mastermind groups.

When people come together with the desire to create results, their minds sync up and work as one, this phenomenon is what we called a mastermind.

The KBB course contains 6 modules created by experts in the field, the content inside the course will take you through the multiple stages and logistics it takes to create a successful mastermind group that people want to join. Along with the course, users will get access to the MindMint Software, which is a complete software to organize a mastermind and useful to anyone running any kind of online business.

Inside The Knowledge Broker Blueprint Course

The Six modules inside KBB include:

Module 1 - Mindset Mastery

  • Lesson 1 - 5 Keys To Constantly Progress & avoid failure
  • Lesson 2 - Transformational Vocabulary - Global Metaphors - Scaling Success
  • Lesson 3 - Must Have “Millionaires Success Habits”
  • Lesson 4 - How To Design A Talk Or Course That Will Influenc

Module 2 - Extraction & Discovery

  • Lesson 1 - Your Expertise & ideal Client
  • Lesson 2 - Story - Teach - Tool
  • Lesson 3 - Your Toolbox - Part 1
  • Lesson 4- Your Toolbox Part 2

Module 3 - Marketing Mastery

  • Lesson 1 - Becoming A Marketing Expert
  • Lesson 2 - Story - Teach - Tool
  • Lesson 3 - The Different Pages
  • Lesson 4 - The Launch Secrets

Module 4 - Generating The Right Leads

  • Lesson 1 - The Wagon Wheel Of Marketing
  • Lesson 2 - Your First 100 Perfect Fans With Rachel Miller
  • Lesson 3 - Social Media & Free Traffic
  • Lesson 4 - Spending Money On Ads
  • Lesson 5 - What’s Next to scale

Module 5- Running Your Event With Confidence

  • Lesson 1 - The Perfect Mastermind Formula
  • Lesson 2 - Virtual Event Checklist
  • Lesson 3 - The Perfect In-Person Event
  • Lesson 4 - Last Steps & Thank You

Module 6 - Knowledge Consultant & Reporter

We are just scratching the surface about all the information you can access inside KBB, we will know more after the program officially launches on February 27th.

To learn more about knowledge broke blueprint, the exploding digital economy and the knowledge business, tune up to the free training on, February 27th 8PM EST.