Magnetize Your Audience Review: Coaching Program for Workshop and Seminar Entrepreneurs by Callan Rush Exposed

Published on October 20, 2016 6:27 AM

(SI Newswire) The Magnetize Your Audience coaching program by Callan Rush offers hopeful entrepreneurs the most effective, proven strategies and methods for creating and marketing a successful training, workshop, or seminar business.

This program offers both an at-home learning option as well as a three-day coaching seminar that teaches entrepreneurs exactly how to build and market a profitable workshop business.

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Shane Michaels reveals in this report important details recently released about the Magnetize Your Audience learning program and its latest bonus offers.

Callan Rush designed the Magnetize Your Audience coaching program for individuals who are not just leaders, but luminaries, whose desire is to help others improve their lives through seminars, workshops, trainings, retreats, and more. She designed this learning program based on her own success with creating a workshop business and is now offering others the exact methods, templates, and marketing plans to help them have a successful business as well, no matter what stage of entrepreneurship they are in. According to Shane Michaels, “There are a lot of people out there who are drawn to presenting and coaching others but who think that making a living based on that talent is just a pipe dream, but with the Magnetize Your Audience coaching program, it can be their reality faster than they ever thought possible. Callan Rush has cracked the code to creating a successful workshop business and gives entrepreneurs all of the tools and resources they need in this program to find the success that she has—to fulfill their dream, fill their classes and workshops, and earn a lucrative living doing what they love to do.” The Magnetize Your Audience coaching program is offered in both a home learning format as well as a three-day in-person coaching seminar. The curriculum, materials, and resources are applicable to any entrepreneur wanting to branch into the workshop, seminars, and retreats business, whether they are just exploring their options, have recently started building their business, or who already have an established workshop business but wish to improve it even further.

The program consists of different modules that build on each other, first teaching entrepreneurs the foundation of the system and helping them clarify for their business what they want to do, who they want to reach, and how they will do it. Later modules then contain the actual marketing templates that can be used to fill attendance for their classes and workshops and achieve their goal of making a profit with their new business. With the at-home learning program, entrepreneurs can get started right away with the online modules and templates to start growing or improving their business.

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At the Magnetize Your Audience live events, attendees get real-time trouble-shooting and coaching that they can test on their colleagues. They will have the opportunity to have professionals formally look over their marketing plan and will leave the event with confirmation knowing that their marketing is approved and their strategy will be effective in filling seats at their seminar or workshop. The at-home learning program and in-person coaching seminar are typically priced as separate purchases, but for a limited time Callan Rush is making both programs available for one low price. Those who invest in the at-home learning program now for $1997 will receive a free gifted ticket to the in-person coaching seminar for free, a gift that is valued at nearly $3,000. And as a never-seen-before offer, Callan Rush is offering an additional guest ticket for those who invest in the at-home learning program today.

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Michaels further reports, “Callan Rush takes the fear and risk out of starting a successful workshop business, and with the latest bonus offers available, entrepreneurs can’t afford not to take advantage of it. Anyone who has ever dreamed of making a big impact on others while making a big income and loving what they do should take advantage of this great offer before it’s gone. If they simply just follow the program they will be well on their way to living a reality that they once only dreamed about.