Trading Apps: the Future of Mobile Trading

Published on March 29, 2017 12:25 PM

(SI Newswire) These days there are many ways to trade CFDs online; through downloadable software, browser-based trading platforms, or via a wide range of apps.

Today, many investors agree mobile trading represents the most exciting and versatile means of buying and selling CFDs. Mobile trading enables fast decision making, wherever and whenever you want, and is supported by advanced charts and up-to-the-minute indicators, all in the palm of your hand.

Past and Future

As recently as 2010, trading apps would frequently crash, and the information they supplied was often useless, primarily due to delays spanning a few seconds or up to several minutes, following initial price movements. This meant many traders would miss out on the critical initial periods of volatility when the biggest profits can be earned.

However, since then smart device uptake has advanced exponentially, to the point where almost everyone owns a smartphone or tablet today. Meanwhile, online brokers have invested heavily in research and development, creating better and faster mobile applications which allow traders to make full use of the real-time financial, economic, and political updates which are moving the markets.

However, some investors are still reluctant to use trading apps, primarily to an old-school mindset. This is, perhaps, related to the sheer volume of information a standard trading platform requires, since some platforms are still unable to support complex technical charts on smaller mobile screens. Many traders also prefer to open a large number of tabs, and multi-screen desktop set-ups are the norm with professional traders.

A Better Solution

On the other hand, UFX’s mobile trading platform is renowned for ensuring all relevant information is instantly available to the on-the-go trader. The UFX trading app is trusted by investors all over the world, providing regular updates and an improved user experience, allowing hundreds of thousands of traders to focus fully on their primary goal of making money through online investing.