The Kibo Code Review - Must Read This Before Buying

Published on January 23, 2020 10:49 AM

(SI Newswire) The Kibo Code is an online course spanning the duration of 8 weeks and comprising of six modules. It comes from names that are widely known in the online sphere. These are also professionals who have previously released valuable online courses.

The course is fresh, and has gained a lot of popularity among people who want earn online. It teaches you to sell products on the internet without relying on e-commerce giants like Amazon. And since it comes from people have already tested these tactics, you are in for a lot of learning, a lot of success, and a lot of money making.

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The Kibo Code is a new ecommerce course that teaches you to sell a variety of products online. Information packed into this 8-week course is divided into six modules, which each module highlights a new aspect of making money online. The course comes from Steve Clayton and Aidan Booth, reputable professionals in the internet world.

The central concept of this online course is based on a brick and mortar Japanese store that sells a wide pool of products. The working process there is simple: the store sells everything, all sorts of products and works from optimizing from there. They note which products are selling the best and which aren’t.

From there on, they put their best-selling products on areas where they catch their customers’ eyes the most and vice versa. Aidan and Steve have followed the same approach but used the technique in their online store. Thanks to this process, they have made a fortune in the past two years.

Now, these two masterminds are sharing their secret to success in this course, and the cart closes soon. Payment for this course is via safe channels like PayPal and there is also a money back guarantee in place. Hence, your purchase is safe because if you are not satisfied, then you can always have your money back.

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Who Are The Creators of The Kibo Code?

Before investing in any course, it is essential that you learn about the mind or minds behind it so you are satisfied that your investment is going in a worthwhile place. This also confirms that the program comes from experienced professionals who know what they are talking about.

In the case of The Kibo Code, we know that the comprehensive, in-depth course comes from Steve and Aidan. The duo has a background in marketing, it is where their career stories have started.

After learning about marketing, Aidan and Steve went on to explore affordable ways to start an e-commerce store. Years of practice and hard work let them to making millions of dollars from their store. All this sweet fruit came from only one seed they planted, nourished, watered, and grew carefully – internet marketing skill.

Gradually, these two names have become known by every affiliate marketer owing to their success in selling courses and products like hot cakes.

Additionally, it is also worth noting that this isn’t Aidan and Steve’s first course. They have helped people before with some of their other incredible courses such as 100k Factory and Parallel Profits among others that have taught their audience crucial marketing basics.

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The Kibo Code Modules

The Kibo Code consists of 6 modules. These are:

Module 1: Marketing Basics

This module covers marketing basics that will teach you the fundamentals of affiliate marketing. You will get a good dive into how to make profits on your products using affiliate marketing. And by the end of the module, you will feel confident and knowledgeable enough to prepare a sales funnel.

Module 2: Facebook Ads

This module focuses on teaching you creative strategies to employ social media marketing, particularly, running creative FB ads for targeting your audience. In short, the module will teach you different types of ads on Facebook and the tactics to creating them.

Module 3: Business Analysis

A crucial part of running a business is report reading, understanding the numbers and numbers to reflect on your current strategies and improvise them. To this end, this module narrows down into guiding you about scaling your profits.

Module 4: When To Run Ads

This section pays attention to imparting your proper knowledge of ads, which types to run for which products and for which market among other things. Therefore, you will learn about creating an attractive ad for your sales funnel.

Module 5: How to Keep Your Customers

The key to progress using this program is targeting potential customers who are ever willing to become your repeat customers. In other words, these are customers who make multiple purchases from your store monthly. This takes skill and you will learn it in this module. Thus, this second last module focuses on sharing various ways to engage your audience using different tactics like emails.

Module 6: Bidding Skill

This last module focuses on product research or bidding skill, a skill which assists you on finding the most relevant products that are profitable for your store.

Should You Buy The Kibo Code?

Conclusively, The Kibo Code is a thorough program that teaches you how to make money in the ecommerce section online. It packs tried and true strategies by experts who have already made millions using these tactics. The program is very easy to consume as it is written in simple language and addresses all possible questions that you may have in your mind. You should definitely go for The Kibo Code.

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