Governor Rick Scott: CDC Must Contact Fort Lauderdale Frontier Passengers on Any Risks; Move Quickly

Published on October 16, 2014 11:15 AM

(SI Newswire) PORT ST. LUCIE, Fla. – Governor Scott released the following statement today following the news that the second healthcare worker, Amber Joy Vinson, diagnosed with Ebola traveled on Frontier Airlines on October 13th with a low-grade fever: “The CDC announced that they are contacting those passengers on the airplane with nurse Amber Joy Vinson, and I am asking them to expand their contacts today to include all passengers traveling on that plane for the full 24 hours after Amber’s flight. Within 24 hours of Amber’s flight with a low-grade fever, we know the plane made five additional stops – including one into and one out of our Fort Lauderdale Airport.

“The CDC has already admitted that they have been slow to respond to developing cases of Ebola, and we do not want to take any risk of Ebola coming to Florida. Their immediate action to contact all these passengers today is essential to explaining any potential health risks to themselves and their family. I want all Florida passengers to have as much information as possible directly from the CDC to ease any of their fears and understand any way they could have made contact with the disease.

“We continue to hope we will never have a case of Ebola in Florida, but unfortunately, we have seen from the CDC’s own admission that they have failed to get ahead of this disease’s spread in America to date – and we will do everything we can in Florida to get the CDC’s full engagement to protect our Florida healthcare workers, our citizens and our visitors.

“Yesterday, we also requested the CDC conduct healthcare worker training with all Florida hospitals by conference call. Friday morning, I will meet again with our Florida Department of Health leaders and notify the public of what, if any action, the CDC has taken on our Ebola preparedness requests following that meeting.”