BioTrust IC-5 2.0 Review - Does It Really Work?

Published on May 30, 2016 10:01 AM

(SI Newswire) BioTrust Nutrition is a prominent supplement company that has always produced high quality, clinically tested and scientifically approved supplements to enhance health. BioTrust IC-5 2.0 is the latest launch from the company with twice the potency and hence doubled effective results.

IC-5 2.0 is basically a diet supplement with aim of Advanced Insulin Support and Carbohydrate Management. Simplifying the objective, the main reason for this product’s conception was to help user lose weight and achieve a stable lean-to-fat ratio by regulating blood sugar and its associated hormone (Insulin).

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This supplement contains first-rate, potent and excellently effective ingredients that work on the body’s glucose metabolism to help user lose weight all the while enjoying their favorite carbohydrates along the side. It requires to be taken twice a day with the main meals.

The credibility of the product comes from thousands of satisfactory customer feedback and an A+ rating from Better Business Bureau. All this is because BioTrust Nutrition puts extra-effort into perfecting the components of their products and IC-5 2.0 is the very fine example of their success.

IC-5 2.0 has passed the high-standard third-party testing at international laboratories that check purity-index and exclude contamination. This adds to the concrete trust in the company and the product.

BioTrust IC-5 2.0 is free of side-effects though to be on safe-side it is advised to use it after doctor’s approval if user has any current medical illness.

How Does BioTrust IC-5 2.0 Work?

IC-5 2.0 works through the magic of its five premium ingredients. It transforms a deteriorating, fat-depositing cycle into an ideal carbohydrate metabolism by regulating blood sugar.

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It is a universal fact that excessive processed carbohydrates are bad for health, they cause increased fat deposition and excessive release of insulin from pancreas (it is a hormone that removes glucose from blood), all of this adds to weight if the energy expenditure is not equal to the energy potential of the consumed carbs, meaning that most of carbohydrates end up converting into fat and adding to belly and thigh fat, liver fat and even fat clogs in arteries and veins.

Considering the tremendous amounts of carbohydrates consumed daily, this proves damaging and soon the body’s insulin becomes resistant to the glucose receptors, this increases the blood sugar and eventually leads to the notorious disease called Diabetes.

The idea of cutting down carbs and starving oneself is harm in itself; that’s where BioTrust IC-5 2.0 comes to the rescue. Randomized trial studies showed that after consistently using this product there was ten times improved ability to process and metabolize carbohydrates. There was 3.5 times healthier effect on fasting blood sugar while 10 fold increase was noted in the clearance speed of the sugar. There was 30% reduction in fasting insulin levels and 37% greater insulin sensitivity.

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The simple truth behind these fantastic statistics is the insulin-mimicking action of the ingredients. That means that BioTrust IC-5 2.0 when enters the blood stream, it acts like insulin and does the job of the hormone quite efficiently. This reduces the actual release of insulin from the pancreas and hence makes it super-sensitive when there’s need for literal energy.

This supplement allows sugar to be utilized by the muscle cells and prevents fat deposition. Instead it burns off calories from fat when sugar gets low and promotes weight loss in the most natural way.

Who Is This Supplement For?

IC-5 is for anyone who wants to stabilize their blood sugar levels without the difficulty of restricting diets and boycotting carbohydrate. This supplement allows user to consume their favorite carbs all the while keeping blood sugar levels in check and preventing insulin resistance, all this helps in weight loss and boosting metabolism.

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Healthy decline of sugar from blood enhances kidney function, nerve function and healing power of the body. Prevention from insulin resistance is actually prevention from obesity, hypertension, heart diseases and hormonal disturbances. This supplement drives the body towards a healthier and dynamic metabolism.

Joel Marion, Co-Founder of BioTrust calls this as ‘Research-backed carb-fighting!’

What Are The Ingredients Of BioTrust IC-5 2.0?

The five unique ingredients of BioTrust IC-5 2.0 were tested rigorously and then selected after careful assessment and successful experimentation. The results were positively correlated with the functional outcome and that’s why there’s solid guarantee of its effectiveness.

Cinnamomum cassia is the first ingredient and it is a powerful extract from Indonesian Cinnamon bark and surprisingly it has the ability to increase carbohydrate processing and metabolism by 10-fold; this results in reduced sugar levels down to 51% after meal.

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The second ingredient is Berberine, a rare plant alkaloid which enhances and powers signals between insulin and its receptors this increases carbohydrate intake by lean muscle for energy not fat. There’s greater improvement in fasting blood glucose along with Insulin Sensitivity.

Naringin takes the third place in the mix. It’s a flavanone naturally found it citric fruits but the increased potent amount is present in BioTrust IC-5 2.0 which effectively doubles the action of Berberine and boosts Insulin Sensitivity.

Fourth ingredient is Benfotiamine. It’s a derivative of thiamine and has a very significant role in carbohydrate metabolism. It blocks the formation of Advanced Glycation End-products (AGEs) which cause harm to the cell and impair its function.

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Zychrome™ is a bioavailable form of chromium and is the final ingredient. It helps in reducing fasting sugar levels by regulating and boosting carbohydrate metabolism and shifting the equation towards burning fat. Studies show that 50% greater improvement is seen in the Insulin sensitivity which keeps sugar in-check and doesn’t let it overwhelm the circulation.

Bonuses Offered By BioTrust IC-5 2.0

The foremost offer is the one-year money-back guarantee even with empty bottles. Alongside the staff at BioTrust are always willing to help customers with any query they might have and are available round the clock to answer user questions.

Two super bonuses included with the order of BioTrust IC-5 2.0 are a copy of The 3-week Diet and a copy of 53 Fat-Burning Smoothies, both of which would add a refreshing and exciting motivation for the user towards a healthier lifestyle.

For consumer protection, only buy IC-5 2.0 from the official website of BioTrust Nutrition which is given below.

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