Inferno Dual Beam Lighter - Eco Friendly Electric Rechargable lighter

Published on May 5, 2016 9:42 AM

(SI Newswire) The latest health report surveyed many individuals well being who got affected extremely; especially those who have been using lighters to lit cigarette, candles, incense stick or cigars. Here the key reason that was found affecting the health was butane that is generally available in every lighter today but fatal for health reasons. Official Website

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Electrical engineers worked on delivering something non toxic with the lighters pattern and explored an electrical mechanism lighter pattern that doesn’t includes any butane or fluid additions and works totally on electricity. Further they also marked it was a unique name called as “Inferno lighter”.

The reliability and working efficiency of Inferno lighter is still a big question mark among its new users but according to its engineers theory, Inferno Lighter is a zinc alloy based lighter that works on electric power with the attachment of USB recharging slot and there are no inclusions of any butane, which makes it eco friendly flameless lighter.

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Whether it’s about lighting candles, cigarettes, cigars and incense Inferno lighter would be suitable for all purpose according to the reports issued by its engineering team. They also term it as the windproof and waterproof lighter that works under extreme weather also with its flameless light. There are no fluids filled in this lighter as it’s completely an electrical device to carry away anywhere.

The official website of Inferno lighter has still not cleared out the power usage of this lighter as well as the battery additions but still say it as a new revolution that would catch millions of eyeballs. Currently this lighter would be in a sale through its official website and would be available for the residents of Canada, United States, New Zeeland and Australia. There have been additions of different combo packages of this lighter by the official website to test its reliability and market conditions.

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