Patriot Power Greens Review - Critical Information Released

Published on May 11, 2016 1:45 PM

(SI Newswire) Patriot Power Greens is an all-natural drink launched by Patriot Health Alliance. It is created by Dr. Lane Sebring M.D., a private-practice doctor in Wimberley, Texas and certified board-examiner for American Academy of Anti-aging Medicine whilst also being an Air Force Veteran. He is renowned for his holistic approaches to anti-ageing therapies. It is through this much experience and reputation that the doctor decided to formulate a perfect drink for older men and women to get rid of the common ailments of old age.

Dr. Sebring negates that physical and mental decline with age is acceptably normal, instead he takes anti-ageing research and experimentation to a whole new level by introducing an all-natural drink ‘Patriot Power Greens’ to correct the underlying cause of major health problems related to old age.

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Patriot Power Greens contains 38 fruits and vegetables, 10 probiotic strains and 6 digestive enzymes, all of which blend together to form a perfect drink to neutralize all the age-driven inflammation in the body.

Not only are the ingredients powerful and all-natural, the taste is remarkably pleasant because of natural sweetening juice of acai berry, goji berry and apple. Hundreds of customers declare the drink as the ‘most delicious’ and ‘empowering’ formula that transformed their dull sluggish life dominated by aches and pains into optimistically energetic and brilliantly refreshing one.

Patriotic Power Greens contains 15 calories per serving with no added sugar, no artificial sweeteners, no allergens like gluten, soya, and dairy; instead it is GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) Certified so it is absolutely risk-free whilst being potently effective.

Who Is Patriotic Power Greens For?

Dr. Sebring admits that initially he formulated this life-enhancing drink for older group of Active U.S. Military Members. Being an Air force vet himself, he felt the need to serve the older soldiers who physically struggle so much to protect their country through senile age. It seemed to have worked excellently on those Military people, who gave dynamic positive feedback about explosive energy and diminished joint and muscle aches and more physical power.

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So then, Dr. Sebring trialed this drink on a group of ordinary older men and women and was flabbergasted by the results! Patriotic Power Greens worked like a miracle on these middle aged people as well; in fact it shone through with additional unanticipated benefits that transformed the life of its users.

Collectively stating, this product by Patriot Health Alliance is for every men and women who feels victimized by common ailments of old age, be it a minor backache or crippling knee pains, either a fatty belly or high cholesterol or even subtle memory decline, Patriot Power Greens comes to the rescue and brings back the vigor of youth into user’s life.

How Does It Work?

Patriot Power Greens targets and corrects the core cause of all the problems that plague old age and that is “INFLAMMATION”.

Dr. Sebring wanted to produce a drink and not supplemental capsules because drinks have better absorption index in the gut. Furthermore, he found out that this debilitating inflammation can be readily fought by natural means by neutralizing inflammation and acid build-up in the body.

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The key was to use perfect combination of fruits and vegetables to utilize their natural alkaline, anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties to fight this culprit. Realistically, it’s pretty obvious that it’s downright hard and time-consuming to select dozens of fruits, several veggies, weighing their amount and washing them, cutting them, preparing a delicious meal of the combination and ingesting them daily.

This supplement brings about an all-natural combination of not only these valuable fruits/veggies but adds ten probiotic strains (the good bacteria in the gut) and further adds digestive enzymes to enhance the excellence of the product.

The deliciously mouth-watering taste makes this drink superior to all other energizer, anti-ageing formulations and exceeds expectations when the effects become appreciable in a matter of days.

What Are The Benefits Of Patriot Power Greens?

Patriot Power Greens provides several benefits to the age-stricken population through courtesy of its unique, all-natural ingredients.

First of all, user experiences improvement in digestive health. There is better nutrient absorption due to probiotics and this enhances energy. Then the bowel movements become regular and pain-free, that is no constipation or diarrhea. It decreases heart burn and upset stomach and nourishes a healthy, functional digestive system.

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Next, it controls blood pressure by lowering and adjusting cholesterol levels. Patriot Power Greens does this by helping break bile salts which decrease cholesterol absorption from gut hence lowering LDL levels in blood (LDL is the bad cholesterol). Good cholesterol optimizes blood pressure and allows healthy blood flow throughout the body to energize and ease out tensed muscles to bring about a state of relaxation.

There are certain enzymes like proteases, amyloglucosidase, cellulase, amylase and lipase which neutralize inflammation on the molecular level, boosting power into the energy-house of the cell that is mitochondria. Through these jam-packed enzymes, it regulates blood sugar, accelerates sex-drive (increased testosterone when inflammation recedes) and even allows easy weight loss and fat burn (by lowering stress hormones that cause fat deposition).

In addition, there are also skin benefits. This includes healthy glowing skin and decreased wrinkles. This is done by the green leafy vegetable content in Patriot Power Greens. Kale is especially important in revitalizing skin health. Beet juice, broccoli, carrots all are present in appropriate amounts to provide maximum benefit. All these fruits are rich in source of vitamins and essential antioxidants.

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Last but not the least, a very amazing benefit of this supplement is its ability to combat oxidative stress on the brain and enhancing dopamine effect which ultimately results in sharpened mind, better concentration, improved attention and a psychological peace that comes from being physically and mentally stable. There’s a special ingredient called SPIRULINA that was tested and approved for improving immunity and memory. It contains 1,067 milligrams of organic spirulina and three other brain-boosting sea vegetables.

Patriot Power Greens is a revolutionary drink for the middle-aged population that attempts and succeeds brilliantly in fighting against the inflammatory illnesses inside the body by all-natural, powerful and risk-free ingredients. It comes at a very cost-effective price and even 200% money back guarantee. Furthermore, there are extra gifts containing special reports to enrich the user with not only physical/mental health but eye-opening knowledge.

For consumer protection, only buy this supplement from the official website of Patriot Health Alliance which is given below.

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