Prostate 911 Review: Ronnie Hoffman Supplement Analyzed

Published on December 17, 2019 12:25 PM

(SI Newswire) The most innovative natural supplement manufactured by Phytage Labs tries to help people having an enlarged prostate through two main ingredients known as Saw Palmetto and Stinging Nettle. These two ingredients and others will be examined further. Phytage Labs representative claims that the prostate will shrink due to Prostate 911, which is treating symptoms of an enlarged prostate by preventing testosterone from breaking down, which may cause prostate tissue growth. Basically is working similar to 5-alpha reductase medications.

Many people are experience prostate problems in which they have to use medications and sometimes undergo surgery to get it treated. These methods, however, can be very costly and problematic. Prostate infection, if not treated timely, can lead to many other problems in the reproductive system and even cancer. Prostate 911 solves all your problems related to the prostate infection, including experiencing pain while urinating, burning, or urge to urinate multiple times. This can be very exhausting and painful, leading to a difficult life for the males experiencing it.

Prostate 911 does strengthen, not only the male body but also prevent any prostate problems. However, people feel very uncomfortable to talk about prostate diseases, but this all-star supplement has changed their lives. This supplement has helped thousands of people who tried this supplement as it made them stronger and healthier. This product ingredients include natural compounds and aim to treat males with an internal or external prostate infection. The five super-powerful natural ingredients in this supplement do not only prevent the infection from the whole body but also strengthen the immune system. Urologists from all over the world even recommend their patients to use this natural supplement that has no side effects. They also claim that patients who have used this supplement felt stronger and got rid of the sleep and urinary issues.

Discover the world's greatest prostate solution.

You will find a lot of people's opinions online and how the pills have changed the lives of so many people. If you have a prostate problem such as enlarged prostate or ED, then this example is for you. Ronnie Hoffman, a few years back, started experiencing prostate issues and did not get it treated as he thought this was not a serious issue. After some time, he started experiencing painful ejaculation and the urge to urinate multiple times, more than a normal healthy person. His PBH worsened, which led him to go to a doctor for the treatment. The treatment helped him a little bit, but after some time, he started having issues with the erections, and the situation made him miserable. He started doing his research and found an article by Harvard University that gave him the knowledge to come up with a natural solution. With age, the size of the prostate grows, and 72% of the men experience enlarged prostate after the age of 50. After a lot of research, along with his colleagues, Mr. Ronnie came up with a natural solution that could reduce the size of an enlarged prostate called Prostate 911.

Furthermore, people need to know about this product ingredients and their effects. The effort and time that the team put in was incredible and helped them come up with the right natural ingredients, including:

Stinging Nettle, one of the Most Powerful Prostate 911 Ingredients:

This compound reduces the size of the prostate at a faster rate. According to many users, one of the results was that the supplement reduces the urge to urinate. This result is caused by the Stinging Nettle.

Saw Palmetto:

Another powerful ingredient is called palmetto and is used in many prostates reducing pills. This Prostate 911 ingredient does not only helps in shrinking the prostate size but also helps with passing the urine without any pain. Many scientific studies by urologists have claimed that continuous usage of saw palmetto prevents prostate diseases permanently.

The team did not stop here and added three other components to the supplement.


Zinc deficiency leads to BPH and enlargement of the prostate size. This ingredient relaxes muscles by enlarging the urethral path, making way for urine to pass easily without any pain.

Pygeum Africanum Bark Powder:

This ingredient helped many people by getting rid of the inflammation. This extract helps reduce the urinary problems and shrinks the prostate size leading them to have a peaceful sleep at night.

Broccoli Leaf Extract:

Last but not least, Broccoli Leaf Extract is also one of the most important Prostate 911 ingredients that fight urinary infections and prevent BPH. This natural ingredient lowers the risk of cancer and other major prostate diseases.

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All these ingredients are natural and proved to be a successful result with no side effects. This easy-to-swallow pill is used all around the world by men as it is laboratory tested and has solved the prostate problems of people. The natural ingredients reduce inflammation of the prostate and deal with all the urinary difficulties. This life-changer has shown its results in just 30 days and costs only $225. This supplement is tested and tried by GMP (Good Manufacturing Practices) and is 100% effective and pure. You can start with one bottle, which is only $120.00, unlike other fake supplements that cost you thousands of dollars with no results.

Learn more about the Prostate 911 and try out this supplement if you have any symptoms related to prostate infections. But, if you have other conditions, you should consult a doctor, to be on a safer side. It is not recommended to pregnant women or children as they are not allowed to use any supplement, no matter how natural it may be, without doctor’s approval. Thus, this supplement is 100% authentic with a money-back guarantee!

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