Ring Ease Review: Life Now Naturals's Supplement Analyzed

Published on January 31, 2020 1:37 PM

(SI Newswire) The newest supplement from Life Now Naturals tries to help people having tinnitus by healing the cochlear nerve. Live Now Naturals spoke person David Smith claims that the noises in your ears will disappear due to Ring Ease, which reduces cochlear nerve inflammation by giving four natural ingredients, vitamins, and minerals. These are ginkgo extract, citrus bioflavonoids, magnesium oxide, and odorless garlic.

The online presentation of this supplement from the official website shows David Smith and his father, who lost his desire to live due to tinnitus issues. Furthermore, it shows how David being herbal a botanist, contacted Dr. Chris Mathers, who decided to help him by giving some valuable information about the pomelo fruit and how citrus bioflavonoids may help in tinnitus cases. Due to these facts, David Smith began his research on how flavonoids, ginkgolides, thai garlic, and magnesium, may fight cochlear nerve inflammation and tinnitus. In the end, he gave the powerful ingredients to his father, who, after several days, started to notice that the noises in his ears began to vanish away.

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Ring Ease presents valuable claims because it is manufactured in the USA. Moreover, independent testing laboratories tested it for identity, strength, purity, and composition, and passed all tests. All these tests confirm that it is a safe supplement, and inside were found no contaminants or undeclared ingredients. It confirms that the claims presented and the ingredients from the label match the product inside. Although, no matter how natural a supplement may be, to stay on the safe side, it is better to take the bottle to your doctor and ask him if it is right for you or not. It is known that people with certain conditions(such as diabetes, eye problems, and other ones), or pregnant women are not allowed to take any kind of pills without the doctor's permission.

This product works through its four ingredients by restoring the blood flow to the eardrums, blocking the sensation of buzzing or other sounds in the ears. Dave Smith's father results, and several months of positive testing shows that all the ingredients, minerals and vitamins found inside were selected with great attention before Life Now Naturals released this supplement on the market.

Ring Ease's credibility is strengthened by the fact that more than 21000 men and women used it, showing minimum positive results to even recovering their full clear hearing with no signs of buzzing in it. Life Now Naturals put an assiduous work in choosing the right ingredients and in developing it. Next, we will look at the ingredients, vitamins, and minerals and the studies that cover its effectiveness.

Magnesium is the first essential mineral found in this supplement and unexpected, in the latest study from the U.S. National Library of Medicine shows here that magnesium may lessen the severity of tinnitus and hearing loss. Magnesium increase cochlear nerve function. It may help to relieve symptoms of tinnitus and hearing loss because the nerve better transfer the auditory signals to the brain. The study was conducted for three months with nineteen patients. The results were satisfactory because some patients have shown fewer tinnitus symptoms.

The second plant-derived compound from this supplement, citrus bioflavonoids, acts as an antioxidant and supports each ear blood vessels circulation. Dietary supplementation with citrus flavonoids had beneficial effects on people living with Meniere's syndrome. Because ringing in the ears is considered to be one of the component symptoms of this disorder, ENTs usually prescribe medication or supplements with Citrus or Lipo-Flavonoids.

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Ginkgo Biloba contains flavonoids and ginkgolides, which both have been scientifically proven to decrease inflammation. Eighth placebo-controlled trials of EGb 761 Ginco extract have shown that this extract was beneficial for tinnitus patients associated with aging-related hearing loss or even dementia. The overall tinnitus severity(in 3 studies) and volume/intensity(in 5 studies) decreased. In another study, 34 out of 360 participants from the first group, and 35 out of 360 participants from the second group, reported that their tinnitus had become less troublesome. Only ten percent of the participants showed positive outcomes over twelve weeks using another kind of Gingko Biloba extract.

The last ingredient found in Ring Ease, odorless thai garlic, it is known for its high amount of flavonoids. The same as the ingredients described upper might help to reduce the cochlear nerve inflammation. Some studies suggest that it is good to have it in the daily diet to reduce aminoglycoside-induced hearing loss.

This supplement comes with two bonuses, an ebook, and a weekly newsletter sent via email. In the Perfect Hearing Playbook, people will find general information about hearing impairment, Usher Syndrome, Acoustic Neuroma, Meniere’s Disease, and Tinnitus. Also, there will find many methods on how to stop these conditions faster and even reverse hearing loss. In the Healthy Living Network emails, people will discover the latest and the most important discoveries regarding hearing or other health topics. Moreover, to find more information and to be informed more, people may join Facebook groups of this topic or hearing loss forums to find other herbal remedies like Ring Ease. There they may find out what other individuals tried , and if it worked or not.

Because Life Now Naturals knows that their supplement will help people to stop the noises in their ears, provides a three months money-back guarantee and free delivery. This guarantee comes alongside Life Now Naturals support staff, which is always there to help with answers or other issues that a customer may face regarding their product during workdays from 8 AM to 5 PM and during weekends from 9 AM to 1 PM.

So far, it is known that no drug has been able to cure tinnitus completely. However, Ring Ease supplement may give wonderful results and may reduce the noises in the ears, irritation, and stress caused by this underlying condition, which affects about 10 percent of people. To get consumer protection, people must buy it from the official website only, found below:

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