Six Pack Shortcuts 2 Review - Does It Really Work?

Published on May 25, 2016 6:30 AM

(SI Newswire) Every fitness journey leads to various goals. Some choose a path towards shedding a few unwanted pounds while others focus on higher aims such as six-packs abs. Mike Chang's Six Pack Shortcuts 2 – a revamped version of the original program – has recently been introduced in order to help fitness fanatics fulfill their dream of a well-toned belly.

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The latest program is packed with a number of updated features and offers a comprehensive approach towards attaining physical fitness by means of merely three steps. It answers why most men are unable to lose weight and build-up a muscular body despite hard workout regimes and customized diet plans. The reason is very simple and is revealed through the following discussion along with more information about this new revolutionary fitness plan. This program has been designed for men below 40. If you are over 40, you should try Abs After 40 workout plan by Mark Mcilyar.

Mike Chang – the Genius behind Six Pack Shortcuts

The creator of Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is Mike Chang who has been in the fitness training industry for a very long time. He has been a fitness freak since the age of 10 years with his three pound dumbbells. Chang began a proper exercise regime at the gym when he was only fourteen years old. From then onwards, he successfully turned into a trainer. Apart from coaching others, he has also been working with doctors and trainers in order to bring further improvements to his own health and physical profile.

By working with these professionals, he was able to discover the reason why most individuals are unable to achieve fitness despite regular exercise. He has unlocked the secret and addressed the issue effectively through his Six Pack Shortcuts program. Chang himself has managed to acquire an athletic physique that is exactly what a large number of guys desire for.

The Simple Secret Behind Fitness Failures

Through his years of research and experience, Chang has discovered the reason why scores of people fail at getting the right results from their conventional fitness regimes. According to him, the one and only factor behind these failures is an imbalanced hormonal level. No individual is to be blamed for this issue since it occurs naturally. It might be due to age, a genetic predisposition or a previous medical condition.

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Vital male hormones contribute greatly towards fat metabolism. They are also necessary for maintaining high energy levels as well as stamina in order to enable an individual to carry out effective workout routines. No mainstream fitness plan can work if the essential hormones are in an imbalance. This is when SPS 2 appears as an efficacious solution. The program suggests ways of optimizing the male fat burning hormones through specific exercises and meal plans.

How Does Six Pack Shortcuts 2 Work?

One of the most attractive features of the plan is fast results. It took Chang years to discover the problem and its solution. In addition, it took more time to come up with the most optimized plan which leads to sure shot results. SPS 2 will show you:

  • 3 Easy-To-Do Steps To Six Pack Abs... without spending hours at the gym and struggling with diets.
  • How to effectively burn off stubborn belly fat and give you the confidence to experience the prime of your life now.
  • How to overcome poor genetics, and get ripped six pack abs even if you’ve had belly fat.
  • Optimize your fat burning hormones and set your body in Auto Fat burning mode.
  • Get in the best shape of your life and have the confidence to meet the women of your dreams and live the life you deserve.

Following this blueprint produces effects much faster than it would take an individual to create a customized plan on his own. There are only three steps which take one towards the ultimate goal – six-packs abs. Each phase lasts for thirty days and boosts the levels of different natural fat burning hormones which make the results quick as well as efficient.

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The 3-Step Hormone Training workouts in the Six Pack Shortcuts 2 program will greatly increase the amount of fat you burn during and after each of your training sessions. It does this by scientifically boosting your body’s key fat burning hormones.

The first phase is referred to as Afterburn Training. The main purpose of this 30-days routine is to help the body’s natural metabolism get in full gear and perform to its optimum level all day long. Consequently, fat burning is speeded up and becomes more efficient. This goal is achieved by means of full-body workouts along with bodyweight and extra weight exercises.

As a result, a significant change can be observed in terms of weight loss within a month. If followed the right way, this phase can help an individual attain a much improved muscle tone. A person can begin to look as well as feel better in only thirty days. He will then be ready for the next two phases of the program.

The second one is called Leptin Boosting Phase and focuses on enhancing the body’s natural leptin levels. It is an important hormone stored in the body’s fat cells. Its function is to send a signal to the brain about being full when an individual consumes a meal. Over time, leptin levels may decline or an individual may develop resistance to the hormone. This is when people fail to satisfy their cravings no matter how much they eat. Overeating is a common result that leads to inevitable weight gain.

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Therefore, the second phase of Six Pack Shortcuts 2 focuses on improving the natural levels of this important hormone. This is achieved through body specific exercises also referred to as isolation training. In addition, the phase also consists of a core cardio workout routine aimed at stimulating thermogenesis – a natural process that leads to the burning of calories. In a thermogenic state, the body experiences enhanced sensitivity to leptin.

Finally, the body is prepared for the third phase – the Testosterone Boosting Phase. This essential male hormone enhances stamina and improves metabolism. This phase consists of advanced workout strategies which lead to the optimum levels of testosterone.

In this way, this 90-day fitness plan helps in getting a perfect muscular body by boosting various fat burning hormones and processes.

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 – What’s New?

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 introduces three amazing new features. The first one is called Scorch Sets. This feature ensures the maximum burning of fat through a set of three exercise routines. These have to be performed back-to-back without a period of rest between the workouts. The entire process does not take more than 35 minutes. This means one can cut down large amounts of body fat within half an hour.

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The second upgraded feature is Intensity Gauge. It guides users about making Scorch Sets easier. Trainers Johny Catanzano and Clark Shao suggest ways of introducing rest period in order to alter the intensity of each workout. In this way, the entire routine becomes easier without diminishing the fat burning effect.

Last but not the least is the Advanced Training Days as an extra challenge for guys who are willing to go the extra mile. It is an optional feature for men who have previous training and gym experience. They can make use of this feature in order to further accelerate their fat burning process and achieve six-packs abs quicker.

Six Pack Shortcuts 2 is currently available for 50% Off Friends and Family discounted price. It also comes with several bonuses and 60-day 100% money back guarantee. Interested folks should hop over to the official page and avail this opportunity. This program is a must-have for anyone looking to get ripped body and six pack abs.

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