Slim Belly Review - Does Keri Wahler's Belly Slimming Program Work?

Published on May 12, 2016 1:20 PM

(SI Newswire) Slim Belly is a new belly slimming program Keri Wahler that reveals how to force fat to fall of day by day using a 60 second morning routine. This program doesn't require long, boring workouts or strict dieting. This new Slim Belly solution was discovered by accident after Keri Wahler had a medical emergency with her daughter Elena.

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Keri Wahler, a new mom discovered this 60 second belly slimming solution which is the core of the Slim Belly system after her daughter was rushed to the emergency room after discovering she had a rare disease. Keri Wahler was tested by the doctors as well to make sure she didn't have the same disease and discovered her estrogen levels were out of balance.

According to medical doctors all women 35 and older experience this problem. All women carry the hormone estrogen in their DNA and hides deep within fat cells where it remains switched off. When a women hits the age of 35 the Estrogen switch is flipped on and the belly is flooded with the estrogen enzyme. This tends to create a drastic imbalance which blocks metabolism from firing off properly which causes belly fat to begin piling on.

Keri Wahler discovered she had "Estrogen Dominance" this is a condition where women can have deficit, normal or excessive estrogen, but little or no progesterone to help balance out the effects of the massive amount of estrogen in the body. Most women have this condition, but don't know it and it can cause hypertension, blood clots, inflammation and belly fat gain. In some women it can cause thyroid issues, trouble sleeping and decrease in memory.

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Estrogen Dominance has also been linked to Breast Cancer, Type 2 Diabetes, Autoimmune disorders. Keri Wahler, the author of the Slim Belly program discovered this completely by accident. The doctor told her that it happens to women naturally over the age of 35 and can be triggered if women have children, unwanted stress on the body due to strict dieting, exercising too much.

"Many women eat right, exercise and do everything correctly, but the belly fat never seems to come off. The reason is estrogen domainance. If correct steps aren't taking the fat continues to pile on," reports Keri Wahler.

The solution to this problem was discovered by accident when a doctor handed Keri Wahler an old book which listed a number of unique herbs, spices and minerals and was told to give it try. Keri Wahler bought the recommended spices, herbs and minerals, followed the instructions which took about 60 seconds and was shocked to see the results the next morning.

Over the next 10 days Keri Wahler continued to make the Estrogen Balancing Elixir and felt 10 pounds lighter. Each day a little bit of fat was coming off and after a few months all the unwanted, stubborn belly fat was gone. After a follow up doctor appointment to recheck estrogen levels and also get follow up news related to Elana, her daughter it was revealed Keri made a complete turnaround with her health. Estrogen levels were in balance thanks to this unique combination of spices, herbs and minerals which help to control estrogen.

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When estrogen is controlled the body can begin to process stored fat for energy as it's supposed too. This 60 second morning routine helps restore the balance resulting in a metabolism that works properly and fat cells that function properly. After Keri Wahler saw how good this unique combination of herbs, spices and mineral worked she knew she had to share it with others.

This became the foundation of her Slim Belly Solution. The entire program resolves around the Estrogen Balancing Elixir. The program comes with the guidebook which is the step by step blueprint can contains the exact herbs, spices and minerals to consume in the morning. Also included is The Slim Belly Overnight Detox which provides a simple, easy to use bedtime routine to help burn even more stomach fat.

The entire Slim Belly Solution program also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee so this allows women to try out the program risk free. For individuals interested in learning more women can visit the official website below.

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