Toned In Ten Review - Can Erin Nielsen Help Women Slim Down and Look Younger?

Published on May 19, 2016 6:24 PM

(SI Newswire) Toned In Ten is the new fitness program from Erin Nielsen designed to help women look 10 years younger, get a flat stomach and a lean, toned body in only 10 minutes a day. The goal may sound easier said than done, but it doesn’t have to be for those who follow Erin Nielsen’s Toned in Ten fitness plan with scientifically proven results.

Discover How To Look & Feel 10 Years Younger, Get A Slim Stomach, and a Lean Body In Only 10 Minutes A Day

Erin Nielsen, a physical therapist as well as a fat loss and anti-aging specialist, has come to one major conclusion about fitness tips from big food companies and doctors: Most of the advice to become fit, lean and strong is misleading.

“Most of the advice learned from so called professionals are making women look older, more out of shape and tired,” said Nielsen. “It also makes the body retain fat and cellulite on the belly, hips and thighs.”

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention recommends anywhere from 2 hours and 30 minutes to 5 hours per week of exercise, ranging from vigorous-intensity aerobic activity to muscle-strengthening activities to moderate-intensity aerobic activity.

“There’s an easier and more efficient way to exercise in 83 percent less time than you’ve been told to exercise in the past,” said Nielsen. “The No. 1 mistake women must stop doing in order to achieve youthful skin and a lean, fit and strong body is long, boring cardio.”

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Erin Nielsen, author of the Toned in Ten program knows that this kind of cardio also has counterproductive results: excess eating after workouts, slows down fat-burning hormones, less regular movement after workout because you’ve “worked out enough,” increasing magazine reading and TV watching to get through the workout faster, and cardio machines that significantly overestimate calorie burning results.

Nielsen’s background includes 18 years of physical therapy, a certified pilates instructor and a Primal Blueprint certified expert. Toned in Ten uses her knowledge of creating comprehensive and customized rehabilitative and fitness exercise routines to make people feel and look better without the dreaded long workouts.

Toned in Ten also incorporates short interval training that not only improves insulin sensitivity (and fights the risks of diabetes) but also reduces embarrassing cellulite, boosts metabolism and increases energy.

The evidence-based science behind Toned in Ten: The Secret to this Rapid 24-7 Fat Loss is due to the after-burn effect, scientifically referred to as Excess Post Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC). EPOC is the amount of fat burned while exercising.

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According to a European Journal of Applied Physiology study, the after-burn effect in Toned in Ten style of training can last up to 38 hours. A Journal of Applied Physiology 2006 study also confirmed similar results: Toned in Ten style training lead to a 36 percent increase in a matter of two weeks time.

Multiply that 10-minute routine by five days a week for a grand total of 50 minutes per week, and it’s no wonder that the workout routine is a successful way to increase fitness levels. In addition to those double takes in a bikini another perk of Erin's Toned in Ten is scientifically leading to a youthful appearance and decreasing hormone imbalances. Human Growth Hormone (HGH) helps to burn fat faster, in addition to the after-burn effect. Without sufficient HGH, hormonal imbalances will stubbornly refuse to allow fat to release energy. While some workouts (or fasting) may lead to losing water weight, Toned in Ten helps to lose weight and increase muscle. Without both, fat will continue to pile on or lead to a weight plateau.

CDC is correct in suggesting vigorous intensity workouts. The difference is that it doesn’t have to be as long in order to get the same (or better) results. Increasing adrenaline in short periods of time forces the body to release fat from fat cells that can be used for energy. About the only thing slow cardio is good for is finishing a pile of magazines. Toned in Ten would rather see readers have a body worth featuring inside of those magazines, too.

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