Popular Blog Traffikd Renews Focus On Social Media

Published on February 6, 2017 3:29 PM

(SI Newswire) Much has changed in the world of social media since Traffikd.com first burst onto the scene in 2008—including the rise of Facebook into a corporate behemoth and the emergence of ephemeral messaging platforms like Snapchat.

Charting these major trends and the many nuances in between has been a great challenge for the Traffikd team. Nevertheless, it has been a task they've relished throughout.

Editor Tom Peterson started in his role while the blog was still in its infancy and when its publishing remit was much more expansive. "At the beginning, we broached everything from social to blogging to SEO and left no stone unturned," said Tom. "But as time has progressed our focus has increasingly turned toward the social niche."

In 2017 the team at Traffikd will be turning ever greater attention to social media. This new remit is intended to streamline output and provide a more comprehensive flow of content for the blog's readership.

Material from the blog will also be increasingly tutorial-based, with features including this recent piece on how to view private Instagram profiles becoming more central. Industry analysis and news coverage remain a central part of the team's focus, however.

Further to its central goal of social media reporting, Traffikd will also be looking to innovate in the area of data-driven journalism, with the team conducting experiments and reporting on findings from a social marketing perspective.

This new strategic remit will not involve any writing personnel changes and has been agreed based on the changing needs of the blog's readership over time.

In fact, internal analysis has suggested that internet marketers are turning their attention away from traditional avenues like SEO and toward social media marketing (SMM) in ever greater quantities to exploit a fresher landscape with the potential for greater ROI on marketing spend.

The content output of the Traffikd blog will be geared towards this audience as it reinvents itself for a new online landscape.

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