Expert Trader Announces His New Forex Scorpio Code System

Published on August 22, 2017 1:20 PM

(SI Newswire) Vladimir Ribakov, a professional trader who has gained vast experience in the strategies and insider knowledge of Forex trading over the past 11 years. He started as most home traders do, and lost a significant amount of money when he first plunged into currency trading. He has always been interested in numbers and the foreign exchange market seemed like the natural way for him to go. However, his initial losses did not deter him from progressing and learning the strategies of becoming a professional trader.

His approach is to develop hybrid systems that incorporate all the knowledge that he has gained over the years of trading. Through these hybrid systems he has simplified Forex trading knowledge so that even those who do not have any knowledge about Forex trading can easily understand what it entails. Other than having a knack for simplification of day trading, these systems offer accurate, systematic and well-informed strategies that save you time.

Ribakov's latest system, named the Forex Scorpio Code, will be released to the general public in limited quantities for purchase on August 29, 2017. Pre-orders are now being accepted exclusively through (You need to hurry as copies are expected to sellout very soon.)

Forex Scorpio Code is a complete trading and learning program that uses trend trading as the basis for making trading decisions. It identifies price trends and uses these to identify trading opportunities. Of course, it is not perfect 100% of the time, but you will make winning trades more often than losing ones, ensuring that you will make a net profit from your trading over time.

Ribakov's trading system can be used very profitably on all time frames using the MT4 platform and is designed to put the odds in your favor every time you enter a trade. Using the power of the fundamental trend coupled with accurate entry techniques result in providing traders with a very high success rate. Forex Scorpio Code is a powerful system that took years to develop. The system is based on the unique custom indicators, that Vladimir developed to help identify high probability areas where traders can take advantage of market volatility to make highly profitable trades.

When the software has identified an opportunity to make a profitable trade, you will be alerted by the program to take act accordingly. The Trading Scanners allows you to mathematically and with absolute certainty KNOW that that average price over the recent past is now either going up or going down. Finally, it uses old school price-action that provides a further "sense" of what the price is doing, and hence, the probable direction of the price. This is determined in unison with all of the scanner programs and is a fundamental process in the determination of entering a trade.

As usual, Ribakov's latest trading system is the talk of the town within the online Forex trading community. While his products are always quick to sellout, the buzz surrounding this latest system of his is nothing short of remarkable. Forex Scorpio Code appeals to everyone from newbies to veteran traders.

The product includes a set of instructional DVDs, trading manuals, the main software program, trading indicators, bonus add-ons, and the member's only forum where users can ask questions and discuss their trading results using the system.

Limited copies of Forex Scorpio Code will ever be for sale. Those interested can purchase the program now via