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Published on November 25, 2015 3:54 PM

(SI Newswire) When it comes to offshore company registrations, there could be a lot of sticky points during the process of registration and acquisition of a bank account for your business.

"There are a lot of questionable companies on this market and in many cases, those companies that claim to help businesses with offshore incorporation, unfortunately, turn out to be fraudulent" - Glen Mitchel, YoHost.ORG's representative, says.

One of the leading offshore service providers YoHOST ORG ( has extended its professional scope to include safe and reliable offshore company formation and bank account set-up services in the following five jurisdictions: Panama, Hong Kong, Costa Rica, Nevis, Belize, and Seychelles.

There are several key points with regards to offshore company registrations.

The first is selection of an appropriate jurisdiction. People who you trust the task of registering your company offshore should be knowledgeable about applicable legislation in different countries. The reason is simple - some businesses by their nature may fit better in one jurisdiction than another.

The second is transparency of pricing and the registration process itself. Many registering companies use so called bait and switch tactics: they offer lower prices initially only to cash out of the customer more later. For example, some companies claim, they can register a corporation in Panama for $1000. But next thing you find out, that Panama incorporation requires at least three directors and, if it happens, you have only one, you will need to pay for the nominees service, which is another $300. Then you learn that a virtual office is a separate charge, translation, apostille and so on and so forth. The fees keep piling up.

The third important thing is bank account setup. An offshore company without a bank account is like a vehicle without the wheels. And, actually there are not that many good standing banks which extend services to offshore corporations, especially start-ups. Most offshore company registration services advertised on the market today will fail to provide a legit banking solution (or, it could be unacceptable; such as a bank without an online banking or SWIFT) to newly registered corporations so the owners of these newly established corps end up wasting money for a piece of paper, saying that one is now the owner of "Useless" Inc. No business can operate without a bank and this is the key point of every company formation.

"When we have been just starting our offshore hosting business, we, at, faced all of the above problems ourselves. Later on, when we decided to start providing offshore registration services to our own clients, we knew there was an opportunity in this market and we made our best effort to address the above issues and provide clear, transparent, reliable and working solution for businesses who are looking to register their businesses offshore."'s offshore company registration services include:

- legal advice regarding the best jurisdiction depending on the business type; - registration of the corporation; - setting up a bank account and, possibly, providing credit card processing options.

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