ProstaPlex Reviews - Does ProstaPlex For Enlarged Prostate Really Work?

Published on April 30, 2020 12:11 PM

(SI Newswire) ProstaPlex is a natural and effective vitamin and mineral supplement used to fight prostate enlargement among men. Prostate enlargement is a hormonal change associated with men between 50 and 70 years. Men in this age group tend to experience a reduction in testosterone levels and an increase in prolactin and estradiol. Although prostate enlargement is not cancerous, the hormonal change tends to squeeze the urethra, thus causing urinary problems.

As the gland gets bigger, the urethral canal becomes obstructed, thus interfering with the ability to empty the bladder at will. When the bladder cannot be emptied, dangerous pressure is placed on the kidney. More complicated cases result in kidney failure through pressure or urine substances. Asides feasible symptoms and restlessness and sleepless night, the primary symptom of prostate enlargement is the pain and difficulty in initiating and stopping urination. While certain recommended drugs are associated with side effects like nausea, diarrhea, headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, retrograde ejaculation, this supplement changes the narrative by reversing prostate enlargement and its impact on the body.

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Prosta Plex works by:

  • Supporting healthy urine flow: The urinary tract is the body’s drainage system responsible for taking out waste or extra fluid in the form of urine. Amongst the part of the urinary tract is the bladder, which is responsible for storing urine till it’s full enough for disposal. An enlarged prostate gland becomes noticeable when the flow of urine out of the bladder is blocked. ProstaPlex solves this problem by supporting a healthy flow of urine out of the bladder. The inclusion of Saw palmetto reduces frequent urination, painful and sudden urge to urinate, and the inability to release fluids. Saw palmetto slims the inner lining that puts pressure on the tubes, thus causing an increase in urine flow and making it easier to empty the bladder.
  • Improving Libido levels: This supplement helps to strengthen the body’s libido levels, thus reviving your sex life. Many times, a lot of pharmaceutical drugs prescribed for BPH tend to cause difficulty in maintaining an erection. Alpha-blockers such as doxazosin(Cardura) and terazosin (Hytrin) relax the bladder and prostate muscle cells, thus reducing ejaculation. Health line reveals that about 3% of men taking Avodart experience a decreased libido in the first six months of usage, and 6.4% of those who take finasteride experience this decrease within the first year. Other side effects include low sperm count, reduced sperm volume, and low sperm movement. Furthermore, all these side effects can be avoided with the intake of ProstaPlex supplement, which is rich in vitamins that can increase sex drive, raise testosterone levels, enhance sperm count, and motility.

ProstaPlex Ingredients

The ingredients used to make ProstaPlex supplements are made from natural and harmless substances. Not only are they effective, but they also have high bioavailability, which makes them readily available for the human body. These ingredients include;

  • Saw Palmetto: Made from the fruit of the Serenoa repens tree, Saw Palmetto is used to treat enlarged prostate, improve urinary function, boost libido and fertility. It decreases the symptoms of BPH and related sexual dysfunction.
  • Pygeum (Prunus Africanum): The African Plum tree contains natural chemicals that shrink the prostate to relieve urinary problems like nighttime urination and poor urine flow, especially in early cases.
  • Pumpkin seed: Pumpkin skin is notable for its effectiveness in treating benign prostatic hyperplasia. Pumpkin seed is a great source of unsaturated fats and vitamins A and B. Not only does it help in sleep regulation, but it also improves sperm quality. The seed’s zinc content supports male fertility and increases sperm quality.
  • Zinc sulfate: Zinc is known to be a positive supplement for promoting healthier prostate. This mineral boosts the immune system by fighting off viruses and bacteria. Since the body cannot produce zinc itself, it will have to be generated from daily intake. The incorporation of this ingredient helps to create an increase in the amount of zinc in the body. The antioxidant activity of zinc also helps to protect against inflammation
  • Magnesium glycinate: Magnesium Glycinate helps to relieve anxiety and promote better sleep. It boosts magnesium levels in older men and activated muscles and nerves. It also makes the free testosterone active and increases the amount of time required before pain develops.

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ProstaPlex Ingredient Studies

A high-quality scientific study released by the National Centre for Complementary and Integrative Health revealed that Saw palmetto is as effective as a placebo in relieving urinary tract symptoms caused by prostate enlargement. Another 2011 NIH-funded study confirmed this result after testing saw palmetto in amounts higher than the usual dose. In integrative medicine by David Rakel MD, a meta-analysis revealed that men who take Pygeum experience 19% in reduction in nocturia and 24% reduction in residual urine volume. A TRIUMPH study which included BPH patients from six countries also revealed that patients who took Pygeum showed a 43% improvement compared to those with no treatment. Most BPH patients tend to be anxious and depressed. A 2015 study also revealed that people with low magnesium have a 22% risk of depression. However, the result of a study carried out by Jerome Sarris, a professor of integrative mental health, stated that magnesium helps to reduce anxiety, depression, and sleep disorder.

There are several beautiful reasons why you need to consider using ProstaPlex , which is regarded as an effective supplement to fight Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH), and some of them will be briefly discussed in this review.

1. It helps to resolve the frequent or urgent need to urinate

One of the most beautiful reasons for using ProstaPlex supplement is the fact that it helps to fight the frequent urge to urinate, which is regarded as one of the most significant signs of having Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia. The use of this supplement will not only save you from frequent urination but also boost your health and bladder.

2. Prevents nocturia

It helps to decrease the frequency of urination at night, thereby making you live a well and balanced life. It also helps to correct your bladder flow and regulate the rate at which you urinate to avoid bedwetting. So, if you have older adults or anyone suffering from this great disease, then the solution is right here for you.

3. Stream of weak urine that stops and starts

One thing we need to understand is that the prostrate affects the urethra by compressing it, while completely or partially blocking the flow of urine, which could eventually result in having a week urine stream or experiencing a continuous stop and start urination. It also contracts the muscles around the urethra, making it so difficult for the urethra to relax and allow urine to flow easily.

As the prostate becomes larger, it will begin to squeeze the urethra. The bladder must then push urine through the newly slimmed-down urethra more forcefully, which makes urination difficult. Leaving this symptom untreated can lead to acute urinary retention, a complete shutdown of urination. However, leaving this enlarged prostate symptoms untreated without this ProstaPlex supplement can automatically lead to severe urinary retention, causing a complete shutdown of the urination process, and this could be a very serious condition.

4. Dribbling at the end of urination

This is one of the major issues that ProstaPlex has helped to solve in many older men suffering from this prostrate disease.

5. Inability to empty the bladder

Most people suffering from this prostrate complain of having this challenge. This supplement has dramatically helped in regulating the bladder and giving a natural urinary flow. The inability to empty the bladder after urination, and having a feeling that there is still some urine in the bladder is proof that something is not right in there. And this is the reason why ProstaPlex , as a natural supplement and scientifically proven one, is safe and highly effective to normalize the urinary flow.

Other symptoms that the ProstaPlex has been carefully designed and produced to solve are:

  • inability to urinate easily, chills, and fever.
  • severe back pain accompanied by blood in the urine.
  • kidney failure
  • bladder damage and bladder stones


If you’re having urinary issues or problem urinating, then you need to speak with our support teams, even if you don’t find the urinary symptoms worrisome, you need to identify or rule out the cause. However, the untreated urinary problem might eventually obstruct the urinary tract, and that’s why you need to contact us now for your ProstaPlex supplement. For customers protection, we advise you to purchase it only form the official website listed below:

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