Sonus Complete Review: Hard Facts Revealed

Published on January 28, 2020 11:16 AM

(SI Newswire) Sonus Complete is one of the newest supplements on the market for tinnitus. This supplement tries to help people by calming down the nervous system and then strengthening it through three main vitamins B6, B12, Niacin, and some natural extracts from Uva Ursi, Hibiscus & Hawthorn, and Juniper Berry. This company delegate, Gregory Peters, claims that by strengthening the nervous system, chronic tinnitus will disappear because the ringing in the ears is not connected with the ears only, is a disease of the networks that connect to the brain too.

The product video presentation shows Gregory Peters, who suddenly, in one morning, noticed tinnitus symptoms. Furthermore, he explains how he met Dr. Steven Campbell, who was a member of the high IQ society known as MENSA. Moreover, Steven Campell quietly explains to Gregory that he had tinnitus and memory loss symptoms and can help him because he entered this organization to have access to the latest ways to put an end to his health issues. Cambell also explains that the formula is made with some easy to find ingredients, and it is available only for 3% of the population. In the end, he gave it to Gregory Peters, who, after several days, showed no signs of ringing in the ears.

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The efficiency of Sonus Complete is it sown by the positive results of more than 47000 people who tried it until now and because Gregory Peters put a lot of effort into developing it. Furthermore, the ingredients are hawthorn leaf and flower extract, garlic bulb extract, olive leaf extract, hibiscus flower powder, buchu and uva ursi leaves, juniper berry powder, and green tea leaf extracts. All these ingredients contain vitamin B6 and B12, folic acid, niacin, and ascorbic acid, having potent properties in fighting tinnitus and memory loss. Several studies cover these ingredients and vitamins proprieties.

International laboratories tested Sonus Complete, and every test has shown that it has no side effects. From our point of view, to be on the safe side and do not have other complications, before trying it, take the label where all ingredients are written and ask your doctor if it is right for you or not. As far as is known, diabetes, high blood pressure people, or pregnant women are not allowed to take any kind of supplement without the doctor's permission.

A detailed study was done by the researchers from the University of Konstanz in Germany clearly has shown that this perception of noises in the ears is not just that ringing. To understand better tinnitus pathophysiology, it is better to know how the auditory and limbic systems interact. Another study funded by the National Institutes of Health has shown that tinnitus is the consequence of the brain failing to repair and improve itself. This symptom of an underlying condition has nothing to do with the ears, and the study concludes that dysregulation of limbic networks may lead to chronic tinnitus.

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Sonus Complete works throughout its vital ingredients by strengthening the brain cells. As Gregory Peters states, all ingredients were continuing tested and selected after months of thriving experimentation by him and his team. Moreover, his effectiveness comes from linking the positive testing with the user’s outcomes during the time.

Moreover, people need to know about the Sonus Complete ingredients and to find if it works or not. The work and time that Gregory and his team in collaboration with Mensa put in developing it were remarkable. They came up with the next natural ingredients:

Vitamin B6 & B12

Some studies suggest that the combination of vitamin B9, B12, and B16 may play a role in agerelated memory loss and may decrease the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease or dementia. Other studies suggest that after taking B12 vitamin, some patients reported improved hearing levels at 250HZ while others noticed no improvement at all.

Vitamin B3 (Niacin)

B3 has been us as therapy for tinnitus and Meniere's disease for years. It is proven that around 50% of the patients noticed a decrease in tinnitus intensity. It is supposed to work by increasing the blood flow in the inner ear and, at the same time, relaxing the ear muscles.

Hibiscus & Hawthorn Berry

These two ingredients have relaxing properties for the brain and may reduce anxiety. The connection on how may help tinnitus is unknown. Gregory Peters claims that from all species of hibiscus and hawthorn berry, only two are good, and people will find these in Sonus Complete only.

Juniper Berry

This ingredient is encouraging rest by relaxing the mind and having a positive impact on brain chemistry.

Uva Ursi

Uva Usi is mainly used in urinary tract infections by reducing the inflammation and fighting the infection. From Gregory's point of view, by combining it with green tea, vitamin c, and juniper berry, this formula will protect the brain from memory loss and tinnitus.

Olive Oil

Olive Oil is good for the brain because it is rich in antioxidants, preserves memory, and may fight Alzheimer's disease. Also, it may be useful to stop the noises from the ears because it may help the brain to become stronger during the time.

To be more informed about these ingredients and if it helps with this underlying condition, people can join groups on Facebook, forums, or any other form of community in which the main subjects are specific hearing issues. In these groups, they may find new ways that people are putting into practice to fight tinnitus. Moreover, people may also find other home remedies or new medication that may put an end to it.

In the end, because Gregory Peters knows that Sonus Complete may help to find a tinnitus remedy. Because of this fact, the company provides a legal promise of 2 months money-back guarantee and free delivery. This guarantee comes with the support staff, which is available 24/7 and is there to help and answer all the questions that a possible customer may have. This was the review and consumer protection, purchase this natural supplement only from the official website found below:

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