VO Genesis Review - Important Information Released

Published on December 22, 2015 8:49 AM

(SI Newswire) This news report by Diana Winters caters latest information about VO Genesis consumers must know. VO Genesis helps voice-acting talents find their signature voice. VO Genesis is aimed at teaching users the fundamentals of becoming a professional voiceover artist. It is exclusively created to educate users in the art of voiceover. With the help of this system, users will learn microphone audition technique, commercial script analysis and also how to create an original character from animation.

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According to Diana's research, "Jenny Lewis has created a system named “VO Genesis” which claims to help a number of voice talents get work in a new environment. The very purpose of VO Genesis is to give people the voice talent, a condensed guidebook of what voice talent need to succeed in this fast-paced, forever changing, business environment.

According to Jenny Lewis, being a successful voice in this field takes time to evaluate how to use the voice. It is not just about a person’s voice but also how they use it. Moreover, the information shared inside VO Genesis is compiled information that Jenny may have already shared to help people work online. The guidance voice actors are going to find inside this program is similar to what they may get from a voice coach or hear at an industry conference."

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By abiding by the tips and ideas mentioned here, users can improve their voice acting skills and experience a huge difference in how they approach the written word, the creator claims. In addition to that, users will see from this system that the online voice industry is hardly for novices and starters. It takes time to get up and run in a voice over career. Additionally, they will be able to use the information rendered inside VO Genesis to grow their online voice over career.

Diana further adds, "The information provided inside this program can be applied to create voiceovers for audio podcasting, audio book production, recording ADR (additional dialog recording) and other types of multi-media projects. VO Genesis is intended to be a resource for encouragement, entertainment and education for users who buy this guidebook. It is aimed at teaching users the fundamentals of becoming a professional voiceover artist."

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"Every form of this career is covered in detail inside this program, from how to read copy, to good microphone technique, to correct breathing and self recording. VO Genesis comes with downloadable course materials and references for the users to keep. By the end of this system, users will be prepared to take their first step into the world of voiceover, the creator claims.

Furthermore, this system covers everything from microphone technique to micropreneurship and with a whole lot more in between. Jenny claims that creating a voice-over is not challenging to do and the basic hardware needed is marked down low-cost. However, the quality of a person’s voice-overs will only be as good as the methods they use to capture and control the sound."

VO Genesis will not only be a resource for encouragement for people, instead it will help users understand the different options for voice-over instrument and help them understand how to use the gear properly.

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According to Ms. Diana, "VO Genesis is exclusively created to educate users in the art of voiceover. With the help of this system, users will learn microphone audition technique, commercial script analysis and also how to create an original character from animation. This step by step program teaches users how a microphone is not the only piece of instrument they need to create voice-overs, and how headphones and other instruments are equally essential to monitor audio tracks as they record voice-overs.

Moreover, it tracks users in on recording and producing voice-overs and marketing themselves as a voice actor. This guidebook helps users create their first demo which can be used publicize themselves and trot out the types of voices they can easily perform. VO Genesis helps voice-acting talents find their signature voice and then leverage their past life experiences into recording fascinating, irresistible voice-overs that everyone will just love."

In addition, this guide teaches users how to use audio-editing software and adding bed music and sound effects for a signature finishing touch. Also, it teaches users how to interpret the scripts, decipher characters, direct themselves and deliver believable performances with the help of VO Genesis.

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VO Genesis renders information regarding recording, file formats, and teaches users how to capture or minimize atmosphere noises. The program contains simple guidelines which will help users get the best out of any voice-over session, be it for podcast, screen cast or video narration. Good preparation and confidence with the material provided inside this program will set users up for a good performance. The guide teaches users how to practice speaking script out loud willingly to fellows, before hitting the record button.

Jenny Lewis teaches users to not worry if they think they sound strange when recorded, everyone is disappointed the first time they hear what their voice sounds like to others. All they need to do is just use their normal voice and delivery, do not rush and do not speak unnaturally slowly. Users will find out in this program why their vocal skills are far less important than sounding satisfying and having great timing.

VO Genesis provides information regarding how different microphones work differently, and how as a rule of thumb users should try to have the mic about a foot from their mouth. This will make the sound warmer and less echoey. This program comes with two special guides including How To Triple Your Voiceover Fees Even If You Hate Negotiating, and How To Get More Voiceover Gigs Than You Can Handle.

To learn more about VO Genesis program by Jenny Lewis, visit the official website here!