Do private domain registration providers care about your privacy?

Published on February 13, 2016 1:39 PM

(SI Newswire) Anonymous hosting provider YOHOST ORG ( sets new industry standards for private domain registrations. A lot of domain registrars offer privacy protection service for the domains people purchase through them but very few really take care about identity protection of the domain owner. Here comes with its 2-layer domain registrant identity protection.

How general private domain registration works?

Private domain registration is a process of registering domain without making domain's owner personal information available on the domain WHOIS service. WHOIS is a public database which keeps records of all domains owners. One can use a whois service to find out who owns or When one enables privacy protection, real owner's personal information is being covered with the corporate information of the domain registrar. For example, if Mike Johnson is a the real owner of, you will not see Mike's information in WHOIS, you will see information of the domain registrar, like "ProvicyProtect" LLC. So far so good, but what happens if somebody sends a complaint to the registrar regarding the domain?


The terms of use of many (if not the most) registrars says, that in case registrar recives a complaint regarding a particular domain, they will remove privacy protection and leave it up to the domain owner to deal with the complainant. And the thing is that most registrars do not verify if the complain is legit. And there were many cases (read more: when domain privacy protection was disabled because of non legit or fake complaints.

How privacy protection is different?

It not just covers domain owner's personal information in WHOIS, does not use personal information of the domain owner at all. You do not even need to provide your personal information, only E-mail is required during registration process. Your domain will be registered for a proxy company and you will be a beneficial owner of the domain. Regular privacy protection will be applied as well. Even if privacy removed, registrant personal details were safe because they were not used for the domain WHOIS.

Besides that offers several anonymous payment options, like Bitcoin and PerfectMoney, which allow to pay for a domain without sharing personal information.

Whatever provider you choose for you private domain registration, keep in mind, that the privacy of your personal information is in your hands and always think twice when any company asks you to provide your name, address and phone number.