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Published on December 30, 2019 4:05 AM

(SI Newswire) Many people prefer listening music as a therapy to relax themselves in situations like commuting to work place or college, working out in gym etc. and also when some people feel stressed, music aids in lightening them up. Music is indeed a therapy. It is because of its scientific impacts on your body. Studies hint at music helping in improving your health overall. The sound of the music helps your heart beat slow down which further lowers your blood pressure and keeps you calm.

Now when we talk about the way one listens music to, it is no doubt through earphones in most of the cases if not all. This requirement particularly speaks about the importance of good quality ear phones one needs to have. Specifically in gym when you are working out, music plays a great role in pushing you for those rigorous activities. In such a scenario those wired earphones of course are not an option as those often get entangled or fall out of the ear every now and then. For sure, these do not meet the purpose and at the same time it’s quite irritating.

But on the other hand those branded wireless earphones are too expensive to hit your pocket big time. So what is the solution?

PlayBeatz, yes, that’s the thing. These Bluetooth earphones are an innovation providing you not only the best of features as like those branded ones but are much cheaper and at the same time assure you of the great quality and enduring lifetime.


What is PlayBeatz?

These are special Bluetooth headphones which have come across as a revolution in the field of in-ear headphones because of their enormous bass and strong sound quality. With the wireless earbuds (compatible with iOS and Android), you don’t need to interrupt your activity because they get stuck in your ears and no matter what you do, stay assured, they are not going to fall out. And with the strong bass and sound quality, you are sure to enjoy the sports much more.

If you have had unsatisfactory experience with any of the Bluetooth headphones before despite being claimed as having high sound quality, strong bass and a perfect fit in the ear, then you for yourself would have much knowledge in this domain. While there are a lot many options available in the market, many don't deliver what they promise and not really live up to the hype created around them.

But now, with PlayBeatz, we can assure you of having a positive experience

Some Technical Facts

These in-ear headphones from PlayBeatz promise to provide you the most advanced Bluetooth version of 5.0, which is accompanied by enormous performance of a strong and stable signal connection. Their "Touch Control" lets you control and recall various functions by simply pressing the in-ear headphones. This version of the Bluetooth powered headphones is an updated version of the previous earphones, which has managed with fewer features and whose connection has been less strong and stable. They are now also compatible with iOS and Android.

Have a look at its other facts as claimed by the manufacturer

Standby time of 180 hours

Bluetooth version of 5.0

Charging time takes around 1.5 hours

It has a battery of 500 mAh capacity

The distance within which it works is ten meters in radius

It promises a playing time of 3 to 4 hours in an uninterrupted manner

Compatible with all kinds of mobile phone, laptops, tablets, notebooks, etc.

For sound quality that is superior, the PlayBeatz uses V4.2+ EDR

It succeeds in noise cancellation and has an integrated audio system

The headphone design is ergonomic. Fits into the ears for longer and with more comfort iOS and Android compatible

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When PlayBeatz is turned on, it automatically connects to the smart phone. One can answer and reject calls with PlayBeatz

One can play, pause, stop, and skip songs with PlayBeatz without touching the smartphone

What all Benefits do PlayBeatz Guarantee?

Perfect Fit - The PlayBeatz wireless fit comfortably in your ear buds and they are sure to remain comfortable no matter how long you use them.

Enduring Performance - The PlayBeatz provide worry-free standby and play times. You can enjoy listening to music as long as three to four hours continuously once you’ve charged them fully.

Appropriate Storage: The compact and sleek design of PlayBeatz lets you to store them easily in your pocket as well as your purse. The case is protective and ensures that your ear buds are safe from dirt and dust, and also they don’t get hampered that easily as well. Excellent Connectivity: The connectivity is totally hassle free as the Bluetooth range of this is up to ten meters radius, which is 33 feet without any obstacles. So till the time you are within this range you can continue to listen to your music without having to hold your phone.


PlayBeatz stands strong on the promises made by its manufacturers which make it different from other ear phones. This is what makes the device receive so many positive reviews from its users. While it is always the personal experience that makes for the feedback, below we have jotted together a few reviews which may help you know about these earphones better.

One of the customers shares about how he wears these earphones every time during sports and how great they got stuck in his ear. Since he is into a lot of intense sports, earlier he cared a lot that the headphones would stay in his ears. But with Play Beatz, so far, everything has gone perfectly and, in his opinion and experience, both the sound and the bass and all the other functions are first-class and not comparable to all the other wireless headphones. He also likes the fact that they are so super compatible with iOS and Android.

As shared by one more user, these earbuds are great for working out at the gym. He shares that when he used to run on the treadmill, he used to constantly get tangled up in the cord from his old earbuds. But now he can listen to his workout mix without distraction.

Another customer of the product writes that as a busy painter who’s always running around galleries, she likes to take her music wherever she goes. Further she shares that she lost her super expensive headphones and didn’t have the funds to replace them. Then she saw an ad for the PlayBeatz Wireless Earbuds and thought she would give them a try. She expresses her satisfaction with the earphones stating Wow. What a lifesaver. Best price around for an awesome set of earbuds.

How to order PlayBeatz

The special in-ear headphones are available only at the website of the manufacturer online. But good thing is that you will not just get the original but also be benefitted with various offers and discounts along with warranty and free delivery, so do not forget to check about the dicpunts when you make the order.


Given the features and the price, PlayBeatz head phones come across as a great deal. They offer the most advanced Bluetooth version of 5.0, coupled with an enormous performance of a strong and stable signal connection.

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