Shadowhawk x800 Tactical Flashlight - Does It Work?

Published on August 30, 2016 6:49 AM

(SI Newswire) Led flashlights are not only handy and helpful plus their super compatible is another advantage for people to keep it with them. ordinary flashlights are convenient too but there are many reasons due to which led flashlights took edge over them.

A flashlight is illuminated by the movement of electrodes whereas ordinary flashlights have filament bulb hence they become hot soon compared to led ones which don’t heat up quickly. Filament bulbs can be exploded damaging hands, led flashlights are safer to use and can be used in enclosed space as well.

The major point due to which these led flashlight took the upper hand are due to the fact it doesn’t bothers eyes to re-adjust in the dark, every time they are switched on.

The material from which flashlights are durable and can undergo hard resistance, even if thrown from height of about six feet they are most likely to survive. They are pocket friendly and don’t require much space of the daily things we equip ourselves with.

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After extensive research and years of practical experimentation scientist have moved towards tactical flashlights. These flashlights are not just normal led flashlights with plastic bodies these are more than that. A short yet protective tool that can save our life in just a blink of eye.

A tactical flashlight is a simple flashlight that has been designed strategically more for military, police and special task forces. These tactical flashlights are premeditated to be fixed to a weapon for low-light shooting or night shots. These flashlights are to be more precise smaller than customary flashlights. Tactical torches transmit more light which is brighter and sharp yup bearable for the person who uses it as a light source in comparison to other flashlights. Tactical torches are made of weapon-grade aluminum for maximum durability and high efficacy performance.

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Keeping in mind the uses of military and crime fighting squads, they are designed primarily for it but as per requirement of modern days and increasing crime rates these flashlights are becoming high in demand. These are really handy for every day and personal defense tool usage for normal civilians.

Pepper spray, pocket knives and laser guns are also used, but there is something about tactical flashlights which make them easier to use. As these can illuminate darker regions providing complete defense for people where all these pepper sprays and knives fails to protect flashes spark and shield us from terrible disasters.

Now the main question that frustrates us is which tactical flashlight to use since we are putting a lot trust in them, and what if (God forbids) a local company’s life savior betrays us and we are left on the mercy of attacker either to terminate us or bless us with our life.

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For clearing our minds totally, ShadowHawk X800 High Tactical Flashlight 800 Lumens x2000 is simply the best choice. This compact and amazingly convenient flashlight can disorient our attackers hiding in dark to knock us down.

This is a recent and most efficient self-defense tool which is friendly for a user but has quite amazing effects over its prey. According to the makers of ShadowHawk X800 High Tactical Flashlight 800 Lumens x2000, “We had to open up a second factory just to keep up with the massive amounts of orders coming in.” without any scam this thing is the most wanted tool these days.

This tool has a strobe mode, which according to makers, “shadowhawk X800 allows the user to flash a blinding strobe light into the attacker’s eyes, leaving them disoriented beyond belief.”

The checklist for a preferred tactical flashlight has to have following qualities like small, durable, At least 120 lumens of light productivity. For an effective self-defense tool, and especially when it is a flashlight it necessities to be bright enough to perplex attackers. Anything below than 120 lumens just won’t be helpful or secure enough.

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Simple options on tactical flashlight so that users don’t get confused using it. For these flashlights they have to be water proof, constructed in a way they wouldn’t get broken easily and definitely led lights in it.

Keeping in mind these properties shadowhawk tops all of them and has more than stated which makes it an ideal flashlight cum defensive tool statement.

This flashlight comes with a package of other related products as an all for one and one for all statement.

The Kit of ShadowHawk X800 High Tactical Flashlight includes: genuine Tactical Ultra Bright LED Flashlight + 1 Rechargeable Lithium Ion Battery + Charger.

It has 5 Different Preset Modes of use which are: High, Medium, Low, SOS and Strobe. All these modes have a detail description in the user manual so that a person knows which mode is to be used when. All modes are specially designed keeping in mind the necessity of circumstances a person can face.

The body of flashlight itself is made from water resistant material and unbreakable glass with a hard-anodized finish, anti-abrasive and shock-proof. These features are enough to make it a best defensive tool.

Shadowhawk has an adjustable Focusing Beam with Telescopic Zoom. This zoom in feature is for an intense beam or out for wider illumination.

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Its powerful light can reach up to 2 miles, laminating the gloomy area perfectly and detecting obscured attackers.

Shadowhawk X800 Tactical Flashlight are used by the U.S. Navy Seals, the Coast Guard, Firemen, Policemen, U.S. Search and Rescue and now American citizens. According to them, “In times like these, it’s more important than ever for Americans to be prepared for anything, and this flashlight is one of the best pieces of gear to have as it can be used in almost every situation, from self-defense to finding your dog at night.”