SI Newswire Press Releases Latest Press Releases from SI Newswire National Weather Service Signs Significant Patent Technology Agreement with AccuWeather <p><a href="">(SI Newswire)</a> <span style="line-height: 1.6;">AccuWeather, Inc., the global leader in weather information and digital media, today announced that the U.S. National Weather Service (NWS), a division of National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), has signed a licensing agreement that grants NWS the right to use two of AccuWeather's unique technology patents. </span></p><p><span style="line-height: 1.6;">AccuWeather's unique patented technologies help to geographically pinpoint observed weather conditions and other observed events. These technologies allow for information on the events to be delivered to individuals through the use of mobile devices. This capability for providing forecasts and warnings on hazardous weather conditions will be utilized in collaboration with the NWS.</span></p><p>"The National Weather Service and AccuWeather have worked closely together to ensure the safety of businesses and individuals across the United States, helping citizens to become better prepared for severe weather," said Barry Lee Myers, CEO of AccuWeather. "We are proud to be at the forefront of this ground-breaking government and weather industry partnership and thank our colleagues at the NWS for their diligence and dedication, joining together to bring the advantage of AccuWeather's proprietary technologies forward to improve people's lives." </p><p>Myers added, "The license value of AccuWeather's technology patents is worth upwards of seven figures per license, but AccuWeather provided this license to the NWS at no cost, as a public service."</p><p>Barry Lee Myers is the leading expert in enhanced cooperation between government and the weather industry. Since 1990, he has been a member of the Board of Directors and the Chief Government Relations Officer of the American Weather and Climate Industry Association, the weather industry's trade association. He also has served as advisor to four separate directors of the U.S. National Weather Service. </p><p>"This is a wonderful step forward in terms of cooperative efforts to help protect and inform people and businesses throughout the United States," said Dr. Joel N. Myers, Founder, President, and Chairman of AccuWeather. "A strong relationship between the NWS and AccuWeather ensures greater availability of the most detailed and accurate severe weather information possible, protecting the lives and property of enterprises and individuals throughout the country."<br /><br />Dr. Myers is widely recognized as "the father of commercial meteorology" and the man who transformed weather into an industry. Dr. Myers is a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society and has been called upon to appear as a weather expert before the U.S. Congress. <br />As one of the first and most noted Weather Ready Nation (WRN) Ambassadors, AccuWeather has promoted NWS' message of severe weather readiness to its national and global audience. <br /><br />About AccuWeather, Inc. and <a target="_blank" href=""></a><br />Over 1.5 billion people every day rely on AccuWeather to help them plan their lives, protect their businesses, and get more from their day. AccuWeather provides hourly and Minute by Minute™ forecasts with Superior Accuracy™ with customized content and engaging video presentations available on smart phones, tablets, free wired and mobile Internet sites, connected TVs, and Internet appliances, as well as via radio, television, and newspapers. Established in 1962 by Founder, President, and Chairman Dr. Joel N. Myers - a Fellow of the American Meteorological Society who was recognized as one of the top entrepreneurs in American history by Entrepreneur Magazine's Encyclopedia of Entrepreneurs - AccuWeather also delivers a wide range of highly-customized enterprise solutions to media, business, government, and institutions, as well as news, weather content, and video for more than 180,000 third-party websites. AccuWeather's CEO, Barry Lee Myers, is an award winning leader in global weather information issues and one of the world's most recognized advocates for cooperative relationships between government weather agencies and the weather industry. He is a leader in the digital weather information space.</p><p><span style="line-height: 1.6;">Justin Roberti / 814.235.8756 /</span><br />AccuWeather, Inc. / 385 Science Park Road / State College, PA 16803<br /><br />Katie Seifert / 973.588.2235 / <br />Coyne Public Relations <br /> </p> Science Thu, 10 Sep 2015 11:13:24 -0400 Space Foundation Congratulates ESA on Successful Landing of Rosetta's Philae <p><a href="">(SI Newswire)</a> (COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo.) After a 10-year journey, Europe's Rosetta spacecraft made history today when its lander Philae successfully attached to its destination, Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko. The European Space Agency (ESA) launched Rosetta aboard an Ariane 5 launch vehicle in March 2004 out of the space center in Kourou, French Guiana.</p><p>While not the first spacecraft to visit a comet, Rosetta is the first to orbit one and the first to send a lander to a comet's surface. Rosetta's instruments will study the comet from orbit, while Philae will collect samples from the surface and take close-up photos.</p><p>"Today's successful landing by Rosetta's Philae lander, a major contribution to this mission by the German Space Agency (DLR), at Comet 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko is a tremendous accomplishment. We congratulate our partners at DLR and ESA for achieving yet another milestone during this ambitious mission," said Space Foundation Chief Executive Officer Elliot Pulham.</p><p>It is hoped that Rosetta's findings will help scientists uncover some of the mysteries about how our solar system was formed. It is expected that the study of elements that make up 67P/Churyumov-Gerasimenko will give scientists insight into the very earliest beginnings of our solar system. The spacecraft is named for the Rosetta Stone that allowed the deciphering of hieroglyphics and provided clues about ancient Egyptian civilization.</p><p>Follow the Rosetta mission at<a target="_blank" href=""> <a href="" rel="nofollow" target="_blank"></a></a>.</p><p><strong>About the Space Foundation</strong><br />The Space Foundation partners with space agencies around the world, including ESA and DLR. This fall, the Space Foundation and DLR hosted the fourth meeting of the U.S.-Germany Aerospace Roundtable (UGART) in Frankfurt, attended by representatives of 30 industries and 20 agencies. The meeting included a visit to ESA's Space Operations Centre in Darmstadt for a detailed briefing on the Rosetta mission.</p><p>The Space Foundation is the foremost advocate for all sectors of space, and is a global, nonprofit leader in space awareness activities, educational programs and major industry events, including the annual Space Symposium, in support of its mission "to advance space-related endeavors to inspire, enable and propel humanity." Space Foundation World Headquarters in Colorado Springs, Colo., USA, has a public Discovery Center, including the El Pomar Space Gallery, the Northrop Grumman Science Center featuring Science On a Sphere® and the Lockheed Martin Space Education Center.</p><p>Founded in 1983, the Space Foundation has a field office in Houston, and conducts government affairs from its Washington, D.C., office. It annually publishes The Space Report: The Authoritative Guide to Global Space Activity and through its Space CertificationTM and Space Technology Hall of Fame® programs, recognizes space-based innovations that have been adapted to improve life on Earth. Visit <a href="," rel="nofollow" target="_blank">,</a> follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter and YouTube, and read our e-newsletter Space Watch.</p> Science Wed, 12 Nov 2014 11:26:59 -0500